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Helping Aging Parents Move on After the Loss of a Spouse

Aging parents can often be affected by the loss of a spouse, and the impacts of this loss can worsen if they continue living in their matrimonial home. Changing their geographical location could help the grieving process as a new location can provide a clean slate where they won't encounter triggers reminding them of the deceased. This guide will help you approach your parents regarding moving after the loss of a spouse.

Compassionately Inform the Aging Parent About the Benefits of Moving

First, talk to the grieving parent before you start planning to move them. Approach the matter with a delicate touch and consider the fragile nature of their grieving process. Here are a few steps you could take to approach this matter:

  • Show concern for their suffering. Begin by mentioning how concerned you are about their well-being after losing their spouse.
  • Encourage them to consider moving. Suggest that they should move to where they'll get better care.
  • Persuade them to move in with willing family members. Inquire whether they would like to move into their own house instead.
  • Prescribe some nice places they could move to. Prepare a list of suitable locations they could move to once they consider moving.
  • Don't be overbearing. Give them time to think about it.
  • Consider selling their current house. If they accept to move to a new house, discuss how to dispose of their current house.

Purchasing Home Insurance

Location  Age  Pets

You should insure the home of elderly parents who've lost a spouse. Home insurance keeps homes well-protected. This happens in case disasters such as floods or fires occur. Securing their home insurance provides financial protection. They won't shoulder repair costs in case of natural disasters. When picking their most suitable home insurance, homeowners insurance costs is the first consideration. You will also want to consider the following factors:


Location impacts a home's insurance. If your home borders an area with a historical record of dangers, you might pay high premiums. You may enjoy better premiums if your home is near an equipped fire station. Construction costs vary by community. The location dictates replacement costs.

Age of the House

You are likely to pay higher premiums if your home requires extensive improvements. The difficulty of replacing or repairing your home determines the premiums you pay. You pay fewer premiums if your house requires fewer improvements. Home improvements before sale like a security system and roof replacements also reduce insurance premiums on your home. Ensure you notify your insurance company of any home improvements.

Pet Ownership

Insurance companies often regard pets as liabilities. Pets can destroy the property of their immediate neighbors or even harm them. Dogs in particular are responsible for countless insurance claims worth millions every year from bites alone. They also contribute to destroying outdoor landscaping features like lawns and fences.

Help Your Aging Parents Move On After the Loss of Their Spouse

Aging parents are often affected by the death of their spouses. Moving into a new house helps them cope better, reducing mental triggers that remind them of their spouse. Feel free to explore this website for access to more resources that strive to empower caregivers.

Thank you Claire Wentz for contributing this article.

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