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This page is filled with caregiver employment tips and resources. If you are interested in being employed as a caregiver in the near future, I'm sure you'll find something useful here. Click the blue underlined text to dig deeper into that subject.

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What Kind of Caregiver?

First of all, what kind of caregiver are you aiming to be? There are an incredible amount of avenues to take and it can be overwhelming just to pick one. If you happen to have previous experience in the medical field, share your knowledge with the world by filling out this caregiver positions Q&A. It'll make the many options easier for others.

A good one to start with is working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). The possibilities with this degree are massive. Many work in hospitals, home health, or long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. The good news is the education required isn't as extensive as some of the other positions.

This position has a special place in my heart because I actually worked as one of these for many years. It was my first taste of the medical field and I still perform many of the duties (click here to find out what they are) and practice a lot of the skills required for this type of job. However, it isn't for everybody. It takes a special person to do this type of work. Are you up for it?

What About a Registered Nurse (RN)?

One caregiver employment position that takes quite a bit more effort to get into, but is well worth it in the long run, is a career as a registered nurse (RN). This is actually what I am currently work as. Like CNA work, it isn't for the faint of heart. There is an overwhelming amount of pressure and responsibility constantly on your shoulders. Click here for an RN and CNA comparison.

That's not to mention the education required just to get a nursing degree. It is, without a doubt, a challenge in it's own right, but nursing school is just the beginning. If you've been accepted into a program, consider yourself warned. You are about to embark on a journey you will never forget.

It will actually help you decide if this line of work is what you want to pursue in life. If you can't get through the schooling required, the career that comes afterward may not have been right for you. If this is the case, don't fret, there are plenty of other opportunities in healthcare.

I had a difficult time working during nursing school and I don't necessarily recommend it. But if you absolutely have to, working as a CNA complimented it nicely. Not only did I get to work alongside nurses, I also had a job waiting for me immediately afterwards in the same department. This can make the transition much less stressful.

Nursing is a rewarding career, no matter the specialty you enter. However, if you’re passionate about caring for older people and helping them with their unique health needs, adult-gerontology nursing might pique your curiosity. Also, if you would like an in depth overview of becoming a nurse practitioner, here is a complete guide to adult nursing.

Where to Work

Another great question to ask yourself is where do you want to work? There are many different avenues you can take. Ones I am less familiar with are nursing homes, home health, and doctor's offices. I've known people who have worked in these positions before and have even done clinicals for some of them and they all have their challenges.

One I am familiar with is the hospital setting (click here for more info). These complex places have more moving parts than you can imagine in order to function properly. Many people don't recommend starting in a facility of this magnitude and some won't even hire you without previous experience. That's not to say don't attempt it but just know what you are getting into.

Sealing the Deal

If you've got the required education and degrees, congratulations. You've done the hard part, but it's not over yet. Education alone won't get you hired. If you're looking to land that dream job, here are a few other resources that are absolutely essential.

One thing that is easy to get wrong is to have a compelling resume (click here for tips and a sample) that makes you shine. No matter what job you apply for, there will be stacks upon stacks of these sheets of paper that all look the same. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to make sure yours stands out above the competition.

So your resume worked and you got an interview (click here for my tips and tricks). Now what? This part can be utterly terrifying and rightfully so. Let's not sugar coat it, this step can make or break your chances of getting hired. It is not to be taken lightly by any means. Luckily, you're preparing ahead of time so you have the advantage. Get this part right and the job will be as good as yours. Click here for what NOT to do at an interview.

Looking for job opportunities? Try searching through the Jooble company. They have lists of thousands of job opportunities many of which are in the medical field.

If this page helped you, pay it forward by commenting down below your own tips for caregiver employment. As much as I would like to have an answer to every single question others may have, my knowledge is limited. The more people we have sharing their knowledge, the more we can help others.

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