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Since I am now a registered nurse (abbreviated as RN), I plan on adding a lot of nursing content on this site with this page being the hub. We consist of a large portion of the overall caregiver ecosystem. With that being said, anything you read here should be taken as advice and not facts.

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Various Ways to Nurse

This job is done and interpreted differently in various locations. I'm not just simply referring to changes throughout different cultures. In the United States, different states have varying policies. And to make things even more complex, different facilities and even different units within those facilities, have varying rules and regulations.

I know this first hand by working on other units within the hospital where I am currently employed. Floating to other units has shown me just how differently things can be done within the same building. It can be a little off putting at first. One unit isn't necessarily doing things the wrong way compared to the other, sometimes there's just more than one way to do something correctly.

A Field of Change

Things also change with time as new trials are tested and research is done to do things better and more efficiently. This is often called evidence based practice. This was a term that was constantly brought up during nursing school.

I know just from working in a hospital all of these years, that change is a constant factor at play in the medical field. I previously worked as a certified nursing assistant and I now currently work as a nurse. (For the difference between the two, click here) You can never get too comfortable with the way things are done because change is imminent.

Some people may view this negatively but it's for the advancement of medicine which is vital if we plan to thrive as a species. It's an effort to keep things moving forward, not just to save more and more lives, but to improve upon them as well.

The Challenge of a Lifetime

Nursing school was the most difficult challenge I ever faced which in turn made it my biggest accomplishment. Words can't describe the relief I felt when it was all said and done. Although, the journey was just beginning. I still had to pass this little exam known as the NCLEX.

The challenges didn't go away after that, orientation and precepting with another nurse were some of the scariest weeks of my life, not to mention being on my own for the first time. Even the first few months were so anxiety inducing to the point of wondering if I deserved my license.

I say all of this to let others know that these feelings are normal. All nurses in training, brand new nurses, and even seasoned ones face many challenges that can lead to fear of ever encountering another patient again. But we must press on and embrace challenge and learn from our mistakes.

The Journey Never Ends

My Journey to become a nurse has been long, challenging, and stressful. I plan to share more about the personal experiences I've had leading up to this point as well as general information to help others who are already nurses or have an interest in the field.

Writing about this subject will be an ongoing challenge. First of all, I don't have the most experience and even as I gain more experience, there are so many things to cover. Nursing is such a broad subject with multiple branches of work.

Expect this page, as well as the ones linked to it, to evolve over time as I evolve more and more throughout my career. I hope you find something entertaining and, more importantly, useful regardless of how much you know or don't know about nursing. If you don't agree with something I've said, let me know.

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