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The Struggles of Being a Student and a Caregiver - When I was only 20 years old I began my first job as a personal caregiver in the home caring for three children. As if this wasn't difficult enough, I simultaneously attended my degree course of Bachelor of Secondary Education. Thank you Faye Galicia for contributing this article.

3 Stages of Alzheimer's Disease: An In Depth LookWhen it comes to most cases of dementia, Alzheimer's disease is usually the cause. Because of this, the focus of this article is going to be on Alzheimer's specifically. Thank you Gerry Allen for contributing this article.

3 Key Items to Establish Your Caregiving Support NetworkIf you consider yourself to be a typical family caregiver, like me, you haven’t received any training to become proficient at caregiving. For this reason, it is incredibly helpful to have a network of support. Thank you Leamon Hood Jr for contributing this article.

What Type of In Home Caregiver Should You Be?There are many different types of in home caregivers and contrary to what many people believe, the various types are different in several ways. Not all of them supply the same type of care or supply the same care in exactly the same way. Thank you Gerry Allen for contributing this article.

Top 5 In Home Caregiver QuestionsAs an in home caregiver, I am asked questions about my job by many people. Some are interested in the job and some are just curious about the options. In this article, I will discuss the top five questions I am asked most frequently by those interested in the job. Thank you Gerry Allen for contributing this article.

Changing the ER / Hospital to Better Assist Dementia - What protocols do hospitals have in place when a person comes into the emergency room (ER) who has severe dementia? This article is an attempt to raise more awareness to ER and hospital settings, some that often have NO clue what is coming! Thank you Gayle Yarbrough for contributing this article.

Anesthesia: Answers to Your Questions and Fears - You didn’t sleep well last night because your loved one is scheduled today for a medical procedure which requires anesthesia. As the caregiver, you want to know that your loved one is safe. You offer your comforting, reassuring words, but you have fear and anxiety for your loved one’s safety. By Bryan Tanner, MSN, APN, CRNA

4 Must Have Aspects of an In Home Caregiver - Becoming an in home caregiver is not a decision you should take lightly. It may sound like an easy and more laid back type of job, but there is a lot involved in caring for elderly or disabled individuals, especially when the work is being done in their own homes. Thank you Gerry Allen for contributing this article.

7 Adjustments to Make Home Caregiving Easier - Home care is a trying transition for everyone involved. If you’re about to embark on a new journey with at-home care, take a look at these seven simple adjustments you can make to make home caregiving easier. Thank you Kay Pascale for contributing this article.

Stages and Types of Dementia: In Depth Overview - Many people are unaware or uninformed about the various stages and types of dementia. The amount of different types may surprise you. This is because dementia is an umbrella term used to describe several different types of cognitive decline. Thank you Gayle Yarbrough for contributing this article.

Death and Dying: A Battle with Stage 4 Lung Cancer - Death and dying is something that all of us, including everyone we have ever known, will one day face. What are these experiences like? What can we do to better prepare ourselves for this inevitable fate? Thank you Marsha Cox for contributing this article.

Ups and Downs of Being a Family Caregiver in the Home - This is my personal journey of being the sole caregiver for my parents in their home. If you are in a similar situation, please seek out help. It is too much for one person to handle alone. Thank you Gayle Yarbrough for contributing this article.

Late Stage Alzheimer's Disease Care Tips - If you are struggling to care for a loved one that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, you are not alone. There are over five million Americans currently living with this disease. Thank you Marsha Cox for contributing this article.

Do Medications Help Dementia Symptoms? - This is an extremely complex question that has many variables. In short, some work for some people while others don't work at all. My experiences have been very mixed. Thank you Gayle Yarbrough for contributing this article.

Tips for Moving Your Aging Parent into Their New Senior Living Home - Caring for an elderly parent can feel like equal parts heavy responsibility and priceless gift of time spent with a loved one. Most of us must take on that task, and the emotional baggage, at some point in our lifetime. Thank you Elise Morgan for contributing this article.

New Policy Changes Make Medicare More Caregiver Friendly - New coverage guidelines take effect in 2019 that can make it more affordable for Medicare beneficiaries to get the caregiving services they need. Thank you Christian Worstell of TZ Health Media for contributing this article.

How to Pay for Different Types of Long-Term Care - A vast majority of seniors will need long-term care for at least a short amount of time. And while Medicare does a good job helping seniors pay for the increasing costs of healthcare, Parts A and B do not cover long-term custodial care. The amount a person will need to pay for long-term care depends. Thank you Dana Brown of for contributing this article.

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