5 Major Advantages of Externship Training in the Medical Field

The world of healthcare has expanded generously in recent years. They require various skills apart from just the knowledge in medical terminology. They now need you to have a specialized skill set based on technical knowledge, communication skills, and ideas about how an administration is supposed to work.

Healthcare training schools now focus a lot on both practical and theory exercises, with extra importance on the former. Healthcare externship programs are a great way to get the much-needed idea and experience desired when entering the field in a professional capacity.

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What is an Externship Program?

An externship is a form of apprenticeship in which you, as an extern, need to understand how the medical facilities work. It is usually unpaid and teaches you through exposure, which is becoming exceedingly important in this field.

You work with the employees of the medical facility and “shadow” them. Basically, you have to be quick-witted and observe how the employees handle all situations, as delicate as possible. Some employees may be dealing with the administration side of things, while others help with the technical aspects of the medical facility.

What are the Advantages of Going through an Externship?

If you want to become a medical assistant, you need to know that medical assistants require extensive knowledge of various workings in a medical facility. An externship as a medical assistant provides you with the opportunity to do this. Here, we list a few of the many advantages of an externship.

1. Real World, Real Work Experience

Whether you are a registered nurse or a medical assistant working with equipment's technicality, the experience is a must. No matter how many different case studies you go through in classrooms or work in a controlled environment of a school, the real world tends to be a whole lot different. There can be various complications or difficulties with patients, administration work, or dealing with guardians. No two cases are ever the same. Being an extern allows you to see these situations first hand, thereby giving you an idea of what you may have to do.

2. Understand the Workplace

Based on your specialization as a medical assistant, you may have to work in different departments. You could be in the outpatient or ambulatory care ward, a physician’s office, or in the offices taking care of records, files, and other such administrative work. Each department has its nuances in terms of how things are supposed to work. An externship allows you to experience and understand your prospective workplace so that you are not entirely clueless when you join as a professional.

3. Preparing for Things Mentally

As stated earlier, no two cases in a medical assistantship department are the same. A registered nurse has to deal with patients, guardians, and doctors. A medical technician might have to work with different equipment, coding, and software. Any and all positions as a medical assistant require you to be mentally ready for anything. You also need to have the necessary communication skills to deal with employees and patients. These things cannot be learnt in the safety of a classroom. An externship teaches you how to think on your feet and work with people in tandem to achieve the desired objective.

4. Know the Experts

You will come across instructors in your externships who will help you deal with the pressures of a newly landed medical assistantship job. These experts, whether they are doctors or senior assistants, will show you how things work in a completely new environment. You must shadow them and understand how they perform their duties and functions. Learn how to communicate with everyone around you, especially your seniors and experienced workers, through an externship. It is possible that you may need to improve in some aspects of your work. Your instructors and experts will help direct you along the correct path and show you how important it is to know the protocols.

5. Insight into the Life of a Medical Assistant

Although the career as a medical assistant is rife with job satisfaction and can be reasonably lucrative, it is also tedious. An externship will show you the real workings of what could be your dream job. Many continue to be motivated and work to land their first medical assistantship job after their externships. There may be others who learn that they are not completely comfortable with this environment and need to look for something else. Whatever the case may be, an externship will help you decide.

How to Prepare for an Externship?

When you start something new, it can be quite daunting. However, we are here with a few valuable tips for you to have a smoother transition into the life of a medical assistant.

  • Make Sure to Take Notes: You might think that you will manage to remember how things work or that common medical terminologies and their workings are easy to master. However, they are most definitely not. Be active and write down pointers as your experts point them out to you.
  • You cannot Remain Confined to a Post that has been Given to You: You need to put your proverbial hand into the pot and try out different tasks. This includes those which are not mentioned in your externship position. The reason for this is that you might realize that what you wanted to specialize in may not be your strong suit and that there is something radically different which you are good at.
  • Listening is Key: To understand how to follow instructions and better your communication skills, you need to listen to your supervisors and the experienced assistants. They have gathered years of experience and can help you understand the ins and outs of life as a medical assistant.

The externship training in the medical field provides the opportunity for students to become the best professionals possible. That is what you must try to be at the very outset.

Author Bio:- Bobby Mickelson loves to share his experience in the medical field through writing. Presently, he is working as the creator and team lead at FMAP (FindMedicalAssistantPrograms). The website has been created to share details and intricacies of the subject, both theoretically and physically. The aim is to benefit the medical assistant prospects.

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