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Easiest zippers I've ever zipped!

CareZips Classic pants are a one of a kind product designed with patients as well as their caregivers in mind. The primary customer who would benefit from them include the elderly and the disabled. More specifically, individuals with limited mobility, incontinence, or dependence on a variety of medical devices. To my knowledge, there isn't anything else quite like them on the market.

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A Pair of Pants Like No Other

The main element that makes these pants unique are the buttons and zippers on either side of the hips as well as the zipper along the underside of the groin area. Not only do these features drastically ease the often unbearable burden of putting them on and taking them off, it also makes tasks such as changing adult briefs, using bedpans and urinals much more manageable.

Seeing these pants myself and actually wearing them in public has proved to me that the Joe and Bella Company have a game changer on their hands. They were generous enough to send me a pair but that doesn't mean this will be a biased review. I can confidently say that I was pleasantly surprised by this product and I would not endorse it if I didn't believe in it.

Yes that's me, in a bookstore

Wait, These Are For Who?

CareZips are not only easy to use with a level of functionality like no other, they are also extremely comfortable and, dare I say, stylish. Don't believe me? Just look at the many photos my wife took of me. We both agree that these are one of the nicest pair of pants I currently own.

As a grown man in my early 30s, I ran several errands and walked around my local mall while wearing them just to thoroughly test them out for myself. Not only was I more comfortable than usual due to the stretchable and breathable fabric, I also blended right in with the crowd with no strange looks or uncomfortable stares from bystanders. They seemed to be completely unaware that I was wearing a pair of pants with more functionality than any other garment worn by patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

At first glance, even at second glance, nobody would ever suspect they were meant to be worn by seniors and the disabled. The zippers and buttons seem to disappear from sight while wearing them. In fact, the style is more formal than I expected.

I couldn't bring myself to wear a tee shirt with them, not that you couldn't if you really wanted to. I just felt like they warranted a more formal shirt given the fact that they just look so nice and fashionable. Wearing an informal top would do the product a disservice seeing as the look and feel of them warrant so much more.

Comfortable while driving too

A Proven Winner

Why am I focusing so much on the fashion side of things? Because the functionality of the pants have already been proven, but don't take my word for it. The awards and recognition this clothing brand and product has gotten speaks for itself. Not to mention the positive reception and testimonials of their customers.

Joe & Bella was recently recognized as the best apparel startup of 2022 by the “What’s Next Longevity Summit,” the “Most Innovative Older Adult Clothing Brand: 2022” by Global Health, and was a 2022 finalist in Tommy Adaptive's "Fashion Frontier Challenge." CareZips was also recently named as the best caregiving product of 2022 by

Don't Be Jealous

What I want to highlight is just how great your patients or your loved ones will look while wearing them. You may think that they don't care so much about appearance and some people truly don't. But I guarantee you there will be many individuals who put these on and instantly get a confidence boost. Heck, even I did.

On the surface, some people may seem to be used to wearing undesirable clothing that never seem to fit right. And lets be honest, us as caregivers often wouldn't even want to go to the grocery store wearing some of the clothes our patients and loved ones have to wear. But when their pants outclass their caregiver's pants, they won't be able to help but gloat even at their favorite restaurant. You might end up deciding to buy a pair for yourself.

Crossed my legs effortlessly

Where Has This Been All These Years?

As someone who has worked in the medical field my entire adult life, I am disappointed that I didn't find out about CareZips sooner. The lack of marketing for this product is downright criminal. There should be multiple pairs in every hospital, nursing home, and assisted living facility in the nation. Not to mention those individuals still living at home who would benefit from them.

The possibilities for use by numerous different types of patients are making my head spin. I can think of countless situations where this product would be a godsend to so many individuals in various situations. Not only would it make their life better, it will also make caregiver's lives so much easier.

If you find yourself struggling to dress and undress your patient, this will benefit both of you. If you have to frequently change briefs due to incontinence, you know the hassle of pulling pants up and down or rolling your patient back and forth on their bed. Not only is it tiresome and often painful, it can also feel degrading for them as well. This takes the stress and embarrassment out of the equation for the both of you.

Are these stylish or what?

When You Know, You Know

I also can't help but think about how so many different lines, wires, and tubes could easily go through the openings to keep everything more organized and in its proper place. Those of you who have worked in the medical field or spent the night in a hospital know exactly what I'm talking about.

For example: Unless patients resort to wearing a hospital gown, which is not ideal especially in public, tubes such as foley catheters have to either uncomfortably go all the way down the pant leg or awkwardly hang out of the waistband. With these, you can either place the tubing to either side close to the hips, or even through the groin area where the third zipper is located. Either place would be a much better alternative.

Final Thoughts

If it isn't obvious enough already, I absolutely love these pants. I challenge anyone to show me a product with as much quality and functionality as CareZips Classic. They are truly one of a kind and I can't recommend them enough. The fact that there are companies out there creating, designing, and selling something so unique and useful is inspiring. It makes me wonder how other essential items we are using every day could be updated into something spectacular.

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Zipper length is very long
The groin zipper unzipped
Long tassel makes zipping easy
Suit shops take note
Strike a pose!

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