Purple Mattress Review - Best Bed for Caregivers?

This is my personal purple mattress review. Is this the best bed for caregivers and their patients? Note that this review is primarily for the original purple bed, which is the one I own and use. I also mention other products I own and love further down the page.

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The New Line

There is now a line of new mattresses called the new purple mattress 2, 3, and 4. Each number indicates the thickness in inches of the top layer. For a visual example, see the ad below.

I unfortunately can't give my opinion on them since I have never owned or even tried one. They are a lot more expensive than the one I own. What I can say however, is that you really can't put a price on a good night's sleep.

What's So Great About It?

First of all, what makes this mattress different from all of the others out there? The overall design is totally unique from the competition as it knows where the pressure points are and it has the relaxing points exactly there.

It has three different layers. The top one is primarily what makes it different from the rest which is the hyper-elastic polymer purple smart comfort grid layer. Yes, that is quite a mouthful. To simplify what it feels like, it's similar to the rubbery gel that Dr. Scholl's foot insoles are made of.

It is honestly quite difficult to explain exactly how it feels until you've laid on one yourself. I can tell you though, that it is truly unique and amazing. If you don't want to take my word for it, they can ship a free palm-sized sample to you so you know exactly what it feels like.

The two layers underneath the smart comfort grid layer are both a type of memory foam. Directly underneath the grid layer is the softer plush comfort foam. The one underneath that is the firmer support foam. The trio of layers provide all the support you will ever need.

Great For Caregivers

Caregivers often have many factors working against them not having a good night's sleep. I, like many other caregivers, don't even sleep at night because I work the night shift. Many of us also work for long stretches of time. The many caregivers who live with their patients, such as those taking care of their elderly parents, have to work around the clock.

That's not even including the physical problems that often comes from our line of work. We tend to do lots of unnatural lifting, pulling, and bending. Just helping a patient to the bathroom or repositioning them in bed can be a challenging task.

Back pain is the most common physical issue we suffer from. I actually have back problems myself. I initially injured it back in high school and it still gives me problems if I lift the wrong way. Assisting patients will often trigger the pain, but the bed has certainly helped relieve it. I used to wake up with it from time to time, but not since I've purchased my purple.

Great For Patients Too

The purple mattress can help patients get a better night's sleep too. Just like us, our patients also often have trouble sleeping. Although many factors play into why this is, purchasing a purple can remove the reason that comes from having an uncomfortable bed.

Many patients also suffer from bed soresThe purple mattress helps distribute pressure points evenly. I'm not sure it has been on the market long enough to confirm if it helps prevent pressure sores, but I imagine it would. I would still recommend repositioning your patient from time to time if they are on bedrest.

How Soft/Firm is It?

The softness and firmness of the purple mattress is difficult for me to determine since the material is so different from every other bed. The top layer makes it truly unique in the best way possible.

I have heard other people say in reviews that for them, it feels ever so slightly on the firm side. Having said that, I will say that I'm not a fan of firm mattresses, but the purple is just right for me.

Other Benefits

Heavier people will have no problem with this mattress because of its multiple layers. They say the top layer alone supports up to 300 pounds. The original purple mattress doesn't have any springs however, the new ones do. Of course the heavier the person, the more they will sink into the bed, but it will still provide support.

You don't have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat either. Many memory foam beds sleep hot, but not this one. The comfort grid layer on top allows for great airflow that keeps the bed at the perfect temperature. Not too hot or too cold, but just right.

Even Purple themselves know that caregivers often have trouble sleeping. So much so that they have their own Caregiver's Guide to Sleep.

Get the Right Sheets

Purple Sheets

One of my biggest recommendations is to get the right sheets for the purple mattress. You have to use sheets that are really stretchy in order to get the full effect. If you use the wrong type of sheets, the bed won't form to your body as well as it can. Purple actually have their own sheets they sell. I own a set and absolutely love them. Click the link above to order.

I also own a pair of sheex original performance sheets. Although I do like them, they are more expensive than the purple sheets.

If you want to go the cheapest route, jersey sheets also stretch really well, but they sleep a little hotter than the other options.

Other Purple Products

Purple Pillow

I also own a purple pillow which I also highly recommend. It is made of the same hyper elastic polymer material as the top layer of the mattress. It is a little pricey, but goes perfectly with the bed. It is actually the heaviest pillow currently on the market, advertised as a bed for your head. The experience is very unique. It is a type of comfort that you have to lay your head on to understand.

I also purchased the purple harmony pillow which is now my current favorite pillow ever even surpassing the original purple pillow. Trust me, the high price is worth it!

Purple Platform Base

You can also place it on almost any adjustable base. Purple makes their own which appear to be of high quality at a reasonable price. But I purchased a different one and it works just fine. Many patients and caregivers alike will enjoy this option. It's great if they needs their head elevated for any reason such as in order to breathe properly.

Purple Mattress Protector

They also have purple branded mattress protectors for sale. Like the adjustable base, I purchased a separate brand and it works fine. Similar to the sheets, just be sure it is stretchy so it contours to your body when laid on.

Financial Details

If you are even slightly interested in the purple mattress, I would recommend at least trying it out. There is a 100 night risk free trial so you really have nothing to lose. If you absolutely hate it, which I doubt you will, you can return it within the 100 days free of charge. Even the return shipping is free.

Standard shipping is also free and it gets delivered directly to your door. It comes with a 10 year warranty so you know it is made with high quality materials. There is also an option to pay monthly if you are eligible. I personally used the 6 month payment option with 0% interest. There are also 12 and 18 month options available.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, I give the purple mattress my personal highest recommended bed award. No doubt the best I've ever laid on. As you can tell, I am a purple fan that isn't even remotely interested in the competition. I already own the perfect bed and you can too.

5 out of 5 stars

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Purple Mattress Review - Best bed for caregivers?

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