Any Other Caregivers Enjoy Coffee?

Many people, including us caregivers, enjoy drinking coffee. It may seem silly to put a page about such a thing on a website about caregiving, but hear me out. This incredible substance has saved me countless times.

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It's Addictive

I drink it quite often. Every day in fact, which is probably a bit too much but there's worse habits out there. Why do I continue to drink it and why is it so addictive? Caffeine is the answer to both of those questions.

Yes caffeine is technically a drug and an addictive one at that. Yet it is a legal one that even children can purchase. It's the stuff that gives me an extra boost when I wake up and helps keep me alert through those long nights at work.

I used to drink it with my dad when I was a child. Not every day mind you, but from time to time. Maybe that is part of the reason why I can't seem to get away from it but then again, why would I want to?

Coffee is a substance that my body not only "needs" in a sense, but also one I enjoy. It's just so satisfying to slowly sip on a fresh cup of joe. I'm actually sipping on one while I type up this page.

So What's the Point I'm Trying to Make?

Lets just say that if you struggle to stay awake, while caregiving or otherwise, a cup of coffee could be the answer. That's actually my suggestion to coworkers who mention how tired they are while working. Luckily coffee is almost always readily available.

However, caregivers are often super busy and don't have much time to do anything much less wait for a pot of coffee to brew. That doesn't even include the multiple steps it takes just to start the process. That's a problem for many, but I have a solution.

Instantly Disappointing

A type of coffee I don't recommend drinking is the instant kind. I'm referring to the kind that comes in the liquid bags that are placed in these deceivingly eye catching machines that dispenses immediately at the push of a button.

They are mainly in large facilities such as hospitals. There's even a few of them around where I work. Sure they're convenient, but the taste just isn't there. I've heard people say it tastes like mud and that really isn't that far from the truth.

What's the Best Way to Snag a Cup?

A purchase I've recently made that I wish I had years ago is a keurig coffee maker. They come in different forms and price points. The one I picked up was on the more expensive side, but cheaper ones work as well. They are just beyond convenient.

The process is simple. After plugging it in, you put water in the chamber, which lasts for multiple cups. Then you place a k-cup, which is the disposable cups of coffee grounds, inside the machine and push the brew button. That's it. You can usually change the amount dispensed and sometimes the temperature and strength of the brew as well.

If you have a specific type of coffee you enjoy, there's a good chance you can find premade kcups of it. But if you can't or just want to save some money, you can purchase a reusable cup so you can use any type of coffee grounds imaginable.

Now is the Best Time to Get One

I've used them many times before and loved it, but hesitated on buying one for myself. The main reason is the k-cups used to be more expensive and hard to find. But now they are decently priced and found almost anywhere. Let me know what your favorite cup is in the comments below. I'm always willing to try new flavors.

It's an extremely small price to pay that is well worth the added convenience. The process is almost instantaneous compared to the traditional coffee makers that I used to use and is certainly cheaper than the local shop. Check out the links below to get one of your own.

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