List of Commonly Misspelled Medical Terms

This is a list of commonly misspelled medical terms. The words that are in bold are spelled correctly, but could still be mean't for something else depending on the context. The terms with "vs" between them are often confused with each other and the ones with "=" are typically interchangeable.

Use the green search box at the bottom of the page or the alphabet below to find a specific one more quickly. You can also press the Ctrl and F keys on your Windows computer keyboard, or Command and F keys on your Mac keyboard. This will open a text box where you can type the letters. Then press Enter/Return on your keyboard to be brought to that word.

Simply click the blue underlined terms to learn more about them. Use the comment section at the bottom of the page if you don't see the word you are looking for or if you know one that is commonly misspelled that isn't listed. I will be adding more periodically.

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abscess - absess, abcess

abdominal pain - abominable pain, abominal pain

acetaminophen - acenamenophen, acetaminofen

achilles tendon - akilese tendon

acid reflux - acid reflex

acidophilus - Sid and Phylis


adolescence - adolesence, adolecence

afferent vs efferent

alimentation - alementation, almentation

anesthesia - anesceasia

astigmatism - a stigmatism

accurate I/Os - accurate eyes and nose

acute angina - a cute vagina

albuterol - albootaral, albooteral, buterol, albuteral

alcohol - alcahol, alcohal, alcahal

allergic reaction - alergic erection

alopecia - alopesia

Alzheimer's - alltimers, alztimers, old timers, oltimers

Ambien - ambria, ambian

Amiodarone - amiroaderone, am-knee-darone, amniodarone, amarodorone, amiorodarone, amidrone

ambulance - ambleeance, ambalance, ambulambs, amblance

analyze - analize, analise

analyze = analyse

aneurysm - amarysm, anurism

anorexia - anarexia, anorrexia

anuresis vs enuresis

antecubital - anticubical

anthrax - amtracks

antibiotics - antibygolics, antibiodics

aphagia vs aphasia

appendix - APNDX, pendix, appendicks, ipendics

appendectomy - appleectomy, apendectomy

arrhythmia - arhythmia, arrithmia, arithmea

arthritis - the Arthur, arthuritis, authritus

ascites - asites, acites

ask vs axe

asphyxia - asphixia, asfyxia, asfixia

aspirin - asperin, assburn

asthma - assma, azma, athsma

asthma attack - assmatack

asymmetry vs symmetry

asystole - asistole, asistoly

Atenolol - atenol, atanol, atenenol, atenotol, antennanol

atrial fibrillation - atrial fibrilation, aerial fibaration

Augmentin - augmentum, augiementim

auscultation - ascultation


barbiturates - barbitchuates, barbitirades, barbituates

Bartholin gland - bartholomew gland

basilar - basalar

bedside commode - bedside comode, bedside commmode

below the knee amputation - baloney amputation

between - bequeen, beetween

bipolar - bipolo

bisacodyl - biskadill

bladder cancer - ladder cancer

blood clot - blood clog, blood clock

blood pressure cuff - blood pressure cup

botox - buttocks, bowtocks

bowel obstruction vs bowel destruction

bowel impaction - bowel compaction, bowel inpaction

branchial vs brachial

bronchial asthma - broccoli asthma

BUN - bunt

bupropion - buproprion

Buspar - badspar


CABG vs cabbage

calcium - kalshium

calcium gluconate - calcium glucagon

callus vs callous

candida infection - Canada infection

capnography - capeography

carbon monoxide - carpet monoxide

cardioversion - cardio conversion, cardiovertion

Cardizem - cardiazem, cardliazem, cardezem

caregiving - cargiving, garegiving

carotid - careihtoid, caroted

carpal tunnel - corporal punishment, carpal thunnel, car trouble, carpool tunnel

cataract - Cadillac, cadaract

catheter - Catholic, capiter, cathiter, cathetor

catheterization = catheterisation

Caucasian - caucation, cacasian

cecum - secum, seecome

cerebral palsy - Sarah palsy, celebral palsy, cerebal palsey

chicken pox - chicken pocks, chicken pops

Chiropractor - chiropracter, choirpracter, ciropractor

chlorhexidine - chlorhexadine, clorhexidine, chlorhexedine

cholecystitis - colecystitis, colecistitis, cholecistitis

cholesterol - colesteral, cholorolesteral

ciprofloxacin - ciproflucloxacillen

circumcised - circumcized, circumsized

circumscribed vs circumcised

cirrhosis of the liver - psoriasis of the liver, sclerosis of the liver, scoliosis of the liver, roaches of the liver

claustrophobia - claustrobia, clostrhopbia, clostrophobia

cocci - cockeye

colonoscopy - colonsclopy, colostomy, colonostomy, colonostrophy, coloscopy

colostrum vs claustrum

concussion - concrussion, concusion

constipation - constapation, constickation

contractions vs contraptions

congestive heart failure - congested heart failin

constipation - constapation

cor vs core

cord vs chord

Coumadin - coodamin, coumanin, coudamin, cummin, cooligan, cumiden

coxsackie virus - coxsuckie virus

CPAP - C-pak

cryo - cairo

c-section - sea section

curettage - curetage, curretage, currettage



decubitus - decubidus, decubitous

dependent - dependant

dehydrated - dehydrinated, dehidrated

dependent vs dependant

depo provera - depo primavera

diabetes - diabetis, diabettys, dabeets, dibetus

diabetic - diabetical

diagnose = diagnoses

diagnosis - diagnosises

diaphoresis - diaforesis, diaporesis

diaphragm - diaphram, diafragm, diafram

diarrhea - diarea, diarear, diareah, diarrhia

dialysis - dinealysis, dryalysis, dialogy, dyalises

dialyze - dialize, dialasize, diagnalysis

dilated - dialated, delighted

diphtheria - diptheria

discectomy - disckectomy, dickectomy

discrepancy - discrepency

disoriented disorientated

defibrillator - defibulator, defibilator, defibrillizer, fibulizor, fibalator

Diflucan - diflunkin

Dilaudid - di lada, duodenum, dilautin, dialauda, dilauda, dilaudin, dilala, dilauden, diladeed, dilila, dilidad, dulauda, dilada, dilauntin, dilopadid, diladoo, dilauscious, lidaudid, dilowdin, dilautin, dilaudah, laudedid, diloodid, dillydad, diladid, dialed in, diddlyadid, dilapida, diludid, delawtid, dolobid

diltiazem - ditazolam

diverticulitis - diberticulitis

dominant - dominit

do not resuscitate - do not resusitate, do not resucitate, do not resuscetate, do not resesitate

doppler - dobbler, gobbler, goppler

donepezil - donzepril

dry weight vs dry wall

Dulcolax - ducolax, dulcalax, ducalax, dookielax

dysphagia vs dysphasia


eczema - exema, eggs and ma

edematous - edematus, edeminous

effusion - efusion, affusion

Elavil - elaville

electrolytes vs electric lights

elephantiasis - elephantitis, elefantitis, elefantitus

elicit vs illicit

emphysema - emfasema, emphyzema, infazima

encephalitis - syphilitis

enuresis vs anuresis

epididymitis - epididimitis, epydidimitis, epididimytis, epidydimitis

epidural - epideral, epidermal

epigastric - epic gastric

epileptic seizure - epeleptic Caesar, eucalyptus seizure

epoetin alfa - epoeten alpha, epoiten alfa

erectile dysfunction - reptile disfunction

esophagus - asophagues, esofagus

exacerbated vs exasperated

exacerbation - exaspiration, asserbation, exagerbate

exercise - exersize, ectercise

excruciating - cruciating

extubation - excavation, extabation


fascia - fasia, facia, fashia

fibromyalgia - ibromyfalgia, fibermalgia, fibermanalgia, fibroidmyalga, fibermyallergy

fibroplastic breast - fiber optic breast

flaccid - flacid, flasid, flaccit

Flomax - flowmax, flowmore

folic acid - follic acid, fostic acid

foramen ovale - foraminal valley

Furosemide - forcemide, fersamide, forosemide


gabapentin - gabbagantin

gallbladder - gallblatter, gullbladder, jawbladder

gamma - gama

gangrene - gain green, gang green

gauge - gage

gauze - gause

generic vs genetic

Glucophage - glucasausage

GoLYTELY - go lightly, gollytelly

gonorrhea - gonorhea, gonnorrhea, gonnorhea

grand mal seizure - grandma seizure, grand maul seizure, grand mall seizure

Guillian-Barre syndrome - gillian-barry syndrome, gougane barra syndrome


Haldol - halidal, haldog, hound dog

hand sanitizer - hand sanetiser, hand sanitiser, hand sanetizer

heart catheterization - heart cardization, heart catheterisation

heart monitor - heart monirot

heart murmur - heart mummer, heart mermer

Heimlich maneuver - Himlick manuver, hindlick maneuver, Heinekin maneuver

hemoptysis - hemoptisis, hymnoptosis

hemorrhoidectomy - hemmorhoidectomy, hemitrectomy

heparin - hefarin

heroin vs heroine

herpes - herpies, hair piece


heel vs hill

hemorrhoid - hemorhoid, hemmorhoid, hemmorrhoid

hernia - hyena

hiatal hernia - hi herny, hymenal hernia, high anal hernia

hibiclens - hibaclens, hibiclense


high bilirubin - hi Billy Rubin

hospital - hispital

hospitalist vs hospital list

humeral vs humoral

hydralazine - hydrazaline

hydrocodone - hydrocodeine, hydrocordone, hydracodeine, hydrocordrone, hydacodadone

hydromorphone - hydromorfone, hydramofo

hygiene - hygeine

hypoxic - hypopnic

hysterectomy - hickerectomy, histamyrectomy, hykterektomy, kicktorectomy, hikorekomy, historectomy


ibuprofin - I-B profin, I-B prophen, IBU rofin, ibupropylene, ibubuffrin

icterus - icterous

ileum vs ilium

impetigo - infantigo

incentive spirometer - insentive spirometer, incintive spirometer

incontinence - incontinance, incontenence

intoxication - intoxecation

intractable - intrackable

inflammation - inflamation, inflimation, inflamminated

inhaler - inhalor, inhalator

inoculate - innoculate

intraocular - intraoccular, introcular

intubated vs incubated

intussusception - intususception, intussuception, intusuception

ipratropium - ipatropin

irritable bowel syndrome - durable bowel syndrome, herbal bowl syndrome

ischemia - ichemia, ishemia


jp drain - jay pee drain


kerlix - curlex, kerlicks


laparoscopic - laprascopic, laproscopic, laptoscopical

larynx - larnix, larinx

Lasix - lasik, latex

lisinopril - lisopril

Lorazepam - razorpam

Lortab - loratab, lowtads

Lyrica - lycra, lirica

lymphedema - lymphadema, lymfedema, limphedema

lymph nodes - lymph noides, limp noids, limph nodes


maggots - maggets, magnets

malabsorption - malabsorbtion, malapsorption

malacia - malasia

malnutrition - maltrishon

mammogram - mamogram, mammy o gram, mammiogram, mammeogram

mastectomy - masectomy

melanin - melonin, melanen

melatonin pills - melanoma pills

menopause - menapause, minipause, many paws

menstruation - menstration, minstration

Methotrexate - mexotrexate

metoprolol - metopralol, metaprod, meprotolol, metopropolol, metopotol, matropalol, metepropol, metoprol, metopropol, metatoprolol

metronidazole - muhtrinazole, metronidasole

MEWS score - meows score, muse score

migraine headache - migrane headache, migratin headache, my brain headache

milligrams - miligrams, thrilligrams

mitral valve - micral valve

monitor - moniter, monior

morphine - morphing, mophine, mophy, mofeen, mofeem

MRSA infection - merser infection, mersah infection, mercer infection

mucus vs mucous

multiple myeloma - multiple myloma, multiple miloma

multiple sclerosis - multiple slerosis, multiple scoliosis, multiple neurosis, multiple schlerosis

mupirocin - mupirocen, muperocin

muscle - mustle, mussel, musle

myocardial infarction - myocardial infraction, myocardial infartion


nauseous - nauseus, nauseaouas

nauseated - nauseation

nebulizer - nibulator, nebulizer, nebalizer, mebulizer

Nissen - neesan

Norvasc - norvasac, norvas

nuclear test - nuculer test


omeprazole - omeprosole, omeprasal

oophorectomy - ophorectomy, oophrectomy

ophthalmology - opthalmology, ophthamology, opthmology, optamology, optomology

orient = orientate

oriented - rientated

orthopnea - orthopnia

osteochondral - osteocondo, osteocondom

osteoporosis - osteoperosis

Oxycodone - oxycordone, oxycoden

Oxycontin - oxycotin, oxycotton

oxygen - oxgen, octagon, oxcuagen, oxygin


pacemaker vs peacemaker

palliative - pallative, paliative

palpate - palpitate

pancreatitis - pancreitis, pancretitis

pap smear - pepper smear

paraneoplastic panel - perineal plastic panel

patients vs patience

penicillin - penicilin, pennicillin

Percocet - purpocet, percostat, purpacet, perpocet, percaset

perfusion vs profusion

pericarditis - periocarditis

perineal vs peroneal

periosteum - periostium

peripheral - peripherial, periferal

peritoneum - peritonium, peretoneum

persistent - persistant

pharynx - pharnix

Phenergan - finnagin, phenergrin, phenakin, phenergun, phenegren, pheneegan, phenagrin, phenegram, phenygen, phennygin, phenergran, vinegar, phenegran, fingin, fennigan

phlebotomy vs lobotomy

pitocin - petosin, pitosen, potassium

plane vs plain

Plavix - playvix, pavlix

pleural vs plural

pleurisy - pleuricy, pleuracy

pneumonia - nemonia, neumonia, ammonia, lamonia, numonia, phemonia, pamonia, lemonia

polyps - pollips, plopps, pollits

port-a-cath - portacast

post mortem care - post motem care, post mortum care, pozt mortem care

post op - post stop

prednisone - presinone, pregnisone, prednisolone

prescribe - perscribe

prescriptions- perscriptions

Prevalon boot - provolone boot

Prilosec - prolosex, prilosex

Propofol - propophal, propothol, propathal

propranolol - propanolol

prostate vs prostrate

prosthesis - prosthesus, prostesis

Protonix - protronix

Prosac - prosack

protocol - protocal

pruritus - pruritis


pseudoseizures - sudo seisures

pulmonary - plumbinary, pluminary

pulmonary embolism - pulmonary emblems

pulse oximeter - pulse oxometer, pulse oxomiter, pulse oximiter

purewick catheter - perwick catheter, purwick catheter

pyelonephritis - pylonephritis, polynehpritis



Ramipril - ramperil

recyclable - recycleable

reflux - reflexin

regime vs regimen

rhabdomyolysis - rabdomiolisis, rhabdomyolitis

rheumatoid arthritis - rumatard arfritis, rumortard arthritis

rhythm - rythm, rhythem, rythem

ringworms - wingworms

Risperdal - risperidal

Rocephin - rosefin, rocepherin

rotator cuff - rotor cup, rotary cuff, roterer cuff, rotator cp, rotary cup



saddle pulmonary embolism - saddled pulmonary embolism

sagittal - saggital

sara stedy - sarah steady, sara steddy

sats vs stats

scalene - scaline

scarring vs scaring

schizophrenia - schitzophrenia, scizofrenia

sciatic nerve - siatic nerve, psychotic nerve, exotic nerve, psychiatic nerve, sanotic nerve

sedentary - sedintary

seizures - skezures, seisures

sequela - seqela

sequential compression device - sequenctial compresion devise, seqential compression device, sequential cokmpression device, sequemtial compression device

Seroquel - seroquil, sequel

shotty lymph nodes - shoddy lymph nodes

sieve - sive, seve

sinusitis vs sinuses

sleep apnea - sleep apney, sleep napia

smoking cessation - smoking cesation, smoking sessation, smoking sensation

specific pain - pacific pain

spironolactone - spiranolactone

spleen - splein, splean, splene

splenectomy - spleenectomy, spleanectomy

staph infection - staff infection

stent - stint, splint, stimp

stethoscope - stethascope

strep throat - streap throat, strip throat, script throat, scrip throat

stroke - scroke

sulfa vs sulfur

supersede - supercede, superseed, superceed

suppositories - supositories, depositories

Synagis - synergist, sinagis

syncope - syncopie, sincope

syphilis - syphillis, siphilis, siphillis


telemetry - telematry, telementry, telepathy

tendonitis - tendernitis, tendonidis

testicles - technicals

tests vs testes

tetanus shot - tetnus shot, technical shot

theophylline - theophyline, theofilline, theeofilean

thrush vs thrash

tonsil - tonsill, tonsel

tonsillectomy - tonsilectomy, tonsellectomy

topical nystatin - tropical nystatin

toprol - topal

trachea - trachlear

trazodone - trayzadone

trichomonas infection - tricomonas infection, tracheotomy infection

tricuspid - tricusspid

troponins - patronins

tubal ligation - tubal litigation, tubolization

Tylenol - tylol, tylenoids

Tysabri - tysaybri


uvula vs vulva

umbilical - umbiblical


vagina - vajina, Virginia, pajama

vaginal discharge - virginal discharge

Valium - valyum, vacuum

vegetations vs vegetables

ventilator - ventilater, emulator

ventricle - ventrical

vertical - verticle

vertigo - vertago, vertical

vesicle - vesical

Viagra - viagry

Vicoden - vickoden, vicodan, vicaden, vicodean

volatile - voluatable

vomit - vomick

vomiting - vomicken, vomicking


warfarin - warafin, wahfehrn

welts - whelps, welps

wheezing - wheasel, weezing

whopping cough - woofing cough, whoping cough, wooping cough, wopping cough


xerosis - zerosis

xiphoid - ziphoid, zyphoid, xyphoid

Xopenex - zofenex

x-ray - x-tray, x-ration, exray



Zofran - jofrain

Zosyn - zosin, josin

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List of commonly misspelled medical terms

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